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Contacting Mike

Acquiring original pieces and commissioning work

If you would like further details about pricing and availability of original artworks, please complete the contact form, indicating the work that is of interest.

Commissioning work

The possibilities exist for me to create a personal mandala for an individual; I have done this on several occasions. Those to whom and with whom I have created these mandalas have found these pieces particularly helpful in relation to their journey.

There are several base points that can be helpful in relation to creating these. This might be a selection of four Aura-Soma bottles, it might be the birth-date, time and place where you were born, it may be a photograph of yourself or it may be an item that you feel particularly drawn or attracted to.


All of these things may help to produce an individual image that could support you on your journey with yourself both in terms of discovering to find out why you are here, what you are for and the way you are to do what you are to do or to simply bring towards you what your deeper sense of intention might be at the deeper levels of yourself.

If you feel that you would like to explore this further, please in the first instance fill out the contact form, or send an email to:

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