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About Mike Booth


Since graduating from Art College in the early 1970's Mike has been deeply drawn to the inner journey and the circle, a captivation that has led to his mandalas being exhibited around the world; most notably in Japan, Hong Kong, Milan, Australia and the UK. His interest in creating mandalas was first realised during his own personal journey into meditation, during which he discovered the mandala contains a depth and purpose that can bring a profound awakening to all people. This 'sacred circle' has been harnessed for centuries by Eastern traditions as a spiritual tool to enhance meditative practice - the centre point a timeless energetic gateway to releasing the human spirit, and accessing the oneness of all universal consciousness.

Through his creation of mandalas Mike has come to understand that being in the moment with fluidity is an essential part of the creative process.Wabi Sabi (侘寂) is the acceptance of transience and inherent imperfection, the whole process of creating mandalas has this quality, nothing is complete or perfect. Mike invites us to quieten our minds as we focus on the centre of each piece and feel what unfolds.

Mike's spiritual journey has spanned many infuences and traditions, starting with his parents. It includes training in and discovering Druidic studies, mystical Kabbalah, Sufism, Zen, the systemology of the Tree of Life and the angelic realms. All of this, including his experience as a healer and his keen interest in the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner - particularly in the areas of education, biodynamic farming and colour as a language of universal consciousness - have been significant influences in both his art and his extensive work as Aura-Soma's Founding Director.

Shire Farm, which is owned and operated by Aura-Soma Products Ltd, is a notable example of Mike's commitment to biodynamic farming, reforestation and a soil to soul approach which links the care and vitality of the earth to personal and planetary well-being. Mike uses essential oils and quintessences from this farm helping him work with colour rays in an intensified way.

From his studio at his Lincolnshire home, Mike works primarily with acrylic on canvas, while using a combination of mixed media, acrylics, PVA, gold and other metals.

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