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Window into Conciousness

A Collection of Mandalas

Literally, in Sanskrit, the word mandala means 'sacred circle', an archetype which arises from human consciousness as a refection of the harmony of the different levels of the person in his/her relationship with himself/herself and the universe.

The centre point of Mike Booth's paintings is consciousness, how the consciousness of the Self emerges from the blueness, expressing a sense of oneness, which is a refection of the totality with existence. It does not matter what a holistic concept we hold, there is a wholeness or a oneness in all things. And this is what these mandalas represent: something which carries the unity from within to the conscious aspect of the Self to support the expression of that unity on the outside by embracing the totality of our inner essence.


The Self located at the centre of the mandalic space becomes the archetype, a key to the inner truth carrying the characteristics of a unifying symbol, bringing together all the different dimensions as it encompasses the centre with the periphery by transforming and transcending all the patterns of disease through the awareness and the knowledge of the Self, which occurs in the process of sitting with and meditating upon its imagery.

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